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Live one-on-one pre-booked video coaching, consulting and services apps

We offer a series of apps designed for Professionals to offer one-on-one video teaching and consulting sessions with their Clients. We provide a comprehensive appointment booking calendar and payment from the Client to the Professionals.

Our initial apps cover golf tuition, fitness, legal advice and music tuition. We have ambitious plans to launch in many more sectors.

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Our Key Features

  • Live one-on-one video teaching, coaching and consultation platform.
  • High quality video and audio sessions through the secure app.
  • Sessions are pre-paid and pre-booked through each app.
  • There are no geographic boundaries between Professionals and Clients anywhere in the world.
  • In today’s Covid world the platform enables the self employed and companies to continue their business in a safe environment.
  • A Professional can be linked to a Client so the Client can obtain continuity of service.
  • Finite are launching a range of apps covering leisure and business.
  • Sophisticated database for all Professionals enabling Clients to search for particular services and pricing.
  • Individual apps are being registered for ease of recognition.

How Registration Works

  • All our Apps are free for both the Professionals and Clients to join.
  • Any Client registering on one app will be able to sign in to any other app without needing to register again.
  • The Professional enters all their details, qualifications and specialities as necessary, such as in the Music or Law app.
  • Each Professional is assigned a Pro Code which is used to identify them on the app and is used by their Clients to link them together if the Client wishes.
  • The Professional registers his bank details directly onto the Stripe payment platform and is paid directly by Stripe less the platform fees.
  • Finite Apps do not handle any confidential financial information or hold the Professional's money.

How Video Appointments Work

  • Each Professional has their own calendar.
  • The Professional sets their times for availability.
  • Each Client can book on any free time on the calendar.
  • Once the date is set, the Client pays the fee which is set by the Professional and the appointment is then confirmed.
  • At the appointment time the Professional originates the call through the app to make the video connection.

Our Apps

We have four apps released, or ready for imminent release. More coming soon!


Finite Golf

Professional golf coaching


Finite Fitness

Your Personal Fitness Coach


Finite Law

Expert Legal Advice


Finite Music

Inspirational Coaching

About Us

John Cook started trialling remote coaching with his clients two years ago and found that all of them were able to improve by these remote lessons wherever they were in the world.

He teamed up with his long-time business partner Stephen Alexander to develop the methodology into an online platform suitable for companies and individuals to provide coaching, teaching and consultation services on a pre-paid basis.

During the development of the app, the Covid 19 pandemic that has swept the world has made the app an invaluable long term tool to connect Professionals and Clients in safety and security.

The app is today’s global marketplace for any Professional to connect with the world.

Stephen Alexander (Chairman)
Stephen has been involved in the legal and financial world for over 40 years. He has built companies in the leisure, property and golf sector.

John Cook (Director)
John is a past English Amateur champion and past European Tour golfer. He has coached the England under 18 boys squad, been the national coach to Thailand and a European Tour coach.

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